Say Hello to ROCtopus

I have an affinity for science and used to focus on Marine Biology, so of course, my life would have a character that mixes my love of Rochester and cephalopods.

While teaching people how to draw 6x6 linework cityscapes at Rochester Contemporary Art Gallery, I amassed a great deal of city skylines over the course of the night.  So, I simply drew in a fun character or two.  A kaiju here, an octo there. Octos were the favorite of the night and a few dozen sketches were out the door.


And then by request, someone said I should make a larger version. 

I just happened to be painting on new surface that had been offered to me.  Reclaimed cubical wall panels, that were 4 feet wide and the perfect surface to draw on... plus it was already made to be hung up. 

I started to draw it out, and the pun name hit me... ROCtopus.  From there I've just had a blast. Prints, Stickers, T-shirts and Hoodies! 

This character makes others smile and I have fun drawing him. 


and has already been featured on a poster for Super City Comicon, with a collaboration with a regionally famous artist and his characters the Leauge of Legends. A man who is striving to make this city better, and working with the community. and I got to draw this guy in a comic book cover collab on the same bristol board.  Cool note: This has been added to the timeline of Rochester NY because it was deemed culturally significant by the University of Rochester Library Monograph Acquisitions... Yes.  ROCtopus is now a footnote in a library. 

 And, I recently have made exclusive ROCtopus merchandise with the (multi-year) Best of Rochester award-winning food truck, Le Petite Poutine.  These are two local women business owners who have created an empire of potatoes, gravy, and cheese... three of my favorite things… and then add an Octo to it. 

Featuring sticker packs, custom poster designs, t-shirt designs, and fun activity sheets handouts for the masses. 

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