Working in the world of radio for nearly 20 years, having done everything from interviewing celebrities to a roving reporter paid to hunt monsters in the woods, my radio career is a winding wonderful path. 

The desire to share the stories of others is a passion, and to continue to do this for this many years shows the crazy determination I have had to get out there and explore this wonderful world and the people that live in it. 


Now Available as Podcast

The inaugural show of the Rochester Free Radio Station, the show has been a showcase of all the wonderful and weird folks that grace the city of Rochester, NY. With my factoid powered co-host Matt Obscure, our goal is to offer an interesting hour of radio for our listeners. 


If you have an idea for a show, or a guest that you might think would enjoy being on the show for an hour please let us know!


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If you are reading this then you are good at finding things,

which is good since I hide art all the time. We can be friends.