The ability to create larger than life images have captured my attention, and I truly thank those that have allowed me to explore the ability to paint on such large canvases. 


Should you like to discuss the opportunity of creating a larger than life piece with me, please let me know. 


My rate is $27 per square foot, which covers the supplies and my time. 

Happy to work with school and charities (and other worthy causes at a discounted rate!)


I am always looking for assistants and volunteers for the projects, so should I be in your area let me know. 


Below are the walls I've worked with WallTherapy project here in Rochester NY. 

YMCA Schottland Playground.

YMCA Bayview Gymnasium

Background designed for Sean Lugo of NYC final page for his storybook.

Multiple murals for a Virtual Reality Arcade.

Assisting the talented Connor Harrington (It's his design, his artwork, I merely helped this amazing dude). 

Mural for New Energy Works buildings

Pabst Sponsored Mural at LUX lounge in Rochester NY.



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